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Meet the Team - Jim Barr

Created on Monday, 22nd Jun 2020

 Meet the Team - Jim Barr

Jim Bar is a Business Advisor at Supply Chain North East which brings together four key partners to work with over 800 businesses through to 2021, supporting them to identify opportunities in new and existing markets. An integral part of the North East Growth Hub, Supply Chain North East is delivered across the region by RTC North, Generator, North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA) and North East Process Industry Cluster (NEPIC).

What’s a typical day on Supply Chain North East?

Thankfully, the role provides a real variety of work, and a wide range of businesses to support, so to answer the question, there probably isn’t a typical day. In any role planning your week and day comes first, and that can mean responding to urgent enquiries which come in from the LEP, or re-scheduling appointments to support clients. Typical days tend to fall into one of the following:

Process/Business Improvement Workshop at a client Site
Site Visit to complete an SME, Diagnostic or Grant Application
Attending a Sector or Partner event to network with contacts
Delivering an open course to an audience at our premises in Sunderland
Catching up on CRM work, and other admin duties, Team Meetings etc.

What is typical in a business’s supply chain that you want to fix?

This can vary depending on the client and the sector they work in, and can range from finding suppliers, to solving internal issues which are affecting the performance of the business to compete in a given Supply Chain, to identifying the entry requirements for new sectors and how best to take advantage of these.

What is your background experience?

I worked in Semiconductors and Aerospace Micro-Electronics for 26 years, prior to joining the Manufacturing Advisory Service, where I broadened my knowledge of other sectors. So, I feel I’m experienced and well placed to offer advice to businesses on how to become more competitive to take advantage of broader supply chain opportunities and also to improve their internal performance to compete in their existing markets.

What are the values that drive you?

Fundamentally it is about helping clients, and removing the uncertainty for them, whether that is in relation to what they currently do, or where they want to go in future. A problem or opportunity shared reduces that burden for the client, and makes you become a trusted advisor for them. The value of improvement cannot be underestimated, and I always try to install that in any business I work with, and help them to develop these in their own staff

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I enjoy music, collecting it and going to gigs, which I’ve actively done since 1978, and this is something I’m very passionate about. I also enjoy cycling and walking, exploring urban and rural places of interest, and I’m a qualified football referee. I also enjoy socialising with family & friends and of course the SCNE team.

Supply Chain North East works with businesses who want to diversify, broaden their customer base and unlock new market opportunities. Supply Chain North East is delivered by RTC North, NEAA, NEPIC and Generator as an integral part of the North East Growth Hub.
Supply Chain North East provides businesses with tailored advice in areas including sales and marketing, digital transformation, accreditation and compliance. Market specialists provide industry insight and sector knowledge on UK and international supply chains.

For more information, please visit or call  0191 516 4400.